User Guide & Frequently Asked Questions

Description, user manual, terms of use and most frequently asked questions about SynAPP


What is SynAPP?

SynAPP is an online experiment on collaborative computation and development of creativity.

What is the purpose of SynAPP? / How does SynAPP work?

The purpose of SynAPP is to enable its users to explore and try to improve their creative skills by:

-Associating random pairs of images with a word or short phrase.

-Evaluating (voting) other user's associations.

-Getting feedback of their progress from other user's evaluations and a few standard creativity tests.


How do I Register?

Go to link: REG. FORM. and fill the form as requested.

How do I log into the application?

From the home page, introducing your username and password. If you don't have an username and password read right above how to register to get them. If you forgot any of them read right below how to recover access to your account.

I forgot my user and/or password. How can I recover them?

If you provided a valid email address after registration, go to the Restore credentials page and follow the indicated steps.

-If you have any problem during this process, please contact the administrator using the contact form provided at the bottom of this page.

How do I delete my profile and all associated data?

Log in with the account you want to remove and go to Confirm with your password that you want to delete your account. If you have forgotten your password, see the paragraph above for instructions on resetting it.

If you have trouble with this process, you can contact site administration at [email protected] with the topic "delete account data for user/email <your_user_or_email>" or send a message via contact form below


Menu bar

Once you've logged in, an unfolding menu bar shows permantly on the top of every page of the application, allowing the user to navigate through its different sections.

The tests

When a new user registers or has been using the application for a while, he/she is requested to do 3 standard creativity tests.

-The first test is a word equation puzzle: E.g., "24 = H. in O. D." is properly solved as "24 = Hours in One Day". Different equations are used on the tests performed before and after using the application.

-In the second test the user is asked to give as many uses as possible to an object. Two different objects are used: One for the test performed before, and the other for the test performed after using SynAPP.

-The third test is similar to the second, but the user is asked to find objects with a common property instead.

Each answer coming from these tests is evaluated by the rest of the users in a similar way as the image-image associations.

Why can't I access the tests?

Tests can only be accessed either if you have just started using the application or you have been using it long enough. If you're in either of these situations and still can't take any of the 3 tests, please contact the administrator using the contact form below.

Why can't I evaluate other users' tests?

Users can only evaluate other users' tests after taking them themselves. If you have taken a test and still can't evaluate, please contact the administrator using the contact form below.

The application

SynAPP can be used in 2 ways: Association (simultaneous or sequential) and Evaluation.

Sequential Associations

2 images are presented sequentially, one 5 seconds after the other. The participant relates both by typing a word or short phrase.

Simultaneous Associations

2 images are presented simultaneously, one on the left and another one on the right side of the page. The participant relates both by typing a word or short phrase.


Associations by other users are presented to be given 0, 0.5 or 1 originality points and 0, 0.5 or 1 coherence points according to the user's criteria.

Why can't I access the stats or evaluations page?

Every user is requested to provide a valid email address to activate this function, which you can edit on the profile page (menu: my account->profile).


How can I change my profile settings, password, shared info, etc?

You can edit your profile in the profile page.


Any input to SynAPP, including profile data, is shared by default between users for statistics and evaluation purposes. Users are encouraged to visit their profile settings page, where they can find and configure privacy settings related to this data sharing. We do not take responsablity on what users may do with the info shared by any user of SynAPP. Since the application is still in a beta development stage we also cannot guarantee the privacy of any information further than to our best effort (which is still above many popular Internet sites' average...).


SynAPP is a beta project under development:

-If you find any errors or flaws or have any doubt about its use, please contact the administrator.

-We need your opinion to improve this application: EVERY comment will be appreciated.

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